Conference on well-being at work

Optimism and well-being at work are excellent performance levers that are dear to the hearts of business leaders and HR managers concerned with keeping their employees happy, healthy and efficient. Companies that apply these values are rewarded because happy employees are 31% more productive.

Quality of work life is a key element in reducing turnover, retaining talent, improving employee productivity and much more. Thus,optimism, positivism and benevolence are all determining factors that help reduce isolation, prevent burn-out and other problems, and promote employee loyalty. These factors are vectors of motivation, directly linked to the happiness of your employees, their well-being and their efficiency at work. In a few figures, if your employees are happy and healthy in their work environment: you will have up to six times less absentees, and a team that is nine times more loyal and up to 55% more creative.

More fulfilled, employees will be more engaged in their work and will perform better individually and collectively.

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Conference on well-being at work
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